CS194-26 Computational Photography, Image Processing, and Computer vision

Modernizing the Prokudin-Gorskii Photo Collection

This was the first project for my computational photography class with professor Alexi Efros. It involved aligning and enhancing the Prokudin-Gorskii photo collection.

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Fun with Frequencies and Gradients

The project was all about using the gradient domain. Ranging from edge detection convolution filters to multiresolution blending.

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Face Morphing

In this project, I create some face merging and averaging and then apply machine learning to automate the process.

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Deep Networks for Computer Vision

The first part of this project used a CNN to classify the fasion mnist set. The Second used a U-Net style architecture to segment images of building dataset.

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CS182 Visualizing and Designing Neural Nets

RNNs and Style Transfer

This project had 4 parts including automatic image captioning using first vanilla recurrent neural nets and then LSTM RNNs followed by a section on network activation visualization and finally a cool section on style transfer

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Automatic Image captioning and NLP

This project deals with sequence processing. I use both RNNs and transformers to complete a variety of tasks. Note: private until May 15.

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Natual Adversary Resistant Computer Vision

The final project for this class was an open problem in computer vision. The goal was to improve a CV system trained on tiny imagenet to be more resistant to natural adversarial examples as mentioned here.

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